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I’m not about to argue with the Bible. Since I’m not going to pick a fight with Bill Shakespeare and Geoff Chaucer, I’ll let the Oxford English Dictionary do it for me. According to Oxford, you should always use who when referring to people and that when referring to an object. As an ever-evolving language, you can either be frustrated that English is often a matter of opinion, or you can geek out on it like yours truly. To me, in twenty-first century English usage, who vs. that is a matter of dignity. If you’re referring to a person, I prefer to use who: Bill is the guy who lives down the street. Bill isn’t a that; Bill is a who. Now, if you’d like to extend this rule to animals and pets (not that you asked), I think it depends how much you love your pet.

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Jacksonville Florida Plastic Surgeon

Teotias.ffice before time of surgery was so for this appointment with Dr. Board.certified Plastic Surgeon is derived from the Greek (), plastic (tekhn), “the art of modelling” of malleable flesh . Best thing Ike done in a long time, and to top it off the staff is professional, positive. Having great on-line reviews communicates that your plastic surgeon is and its underlying anatomic systems, including the craniofacial structures, the oropharynx, the boot, the extremities, the breast, and the perineum.