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We worked closely with Sam and we both came to the conclusion the time was right. As I’ve said, he’s the most talented sportscaster in town and his unique analysis on local sports is unmatched.” Ellis declined to get into specifics about what the station offered Kouvaris, whether it was a full-time role or just sporadic individual contract assignments. Regardless of what transpired in negotiations, it’s evident there was a clear disagreement about what each side thought constituted a fair contract. Kouvaris, who hasn’t been on the air since March 27, says he would prefer to pursue opportunities in the Jacksonville market. That option would require Fox-30/CBS 47 or First Coast News (NBC Channel 12/ABC Channel 25) to offer him some type of role, possibly create a new position or part ways with one of their current sports anchors. The first option would appear to be the most likely scenario. Under terms of the agreement, neither side is allowed to reveal whether Kouvaris has a non-compete clause — prohibiting him from being on-air in the Jacksonville market for a defined period of time — for a sixth-month period, which is standard operating procedure in the industry. Kouvaris and WJXT had maintained a distance in the past year as his contract approached its expiration date, leading to speculation that the parting was inevitable. The two sides were at an impasse over what Kouvaris’ future role would be, and he told the Times-Union three weeks ago he had no desire to retire and wasn’t trying to facilitate a divorce. Ellis began having communication with Harden in early April after it became apparent the two sides wouldn’t be able to resolve their differences. The news of Kouvaris’ departure, which has been speculated among industry insiders for several months, brings an end to the longest run of any Jacksonville sports anchor with one station in the market’s history. Tom Wills, who has been at the station since 1975, was saddened by the breakup.

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Jacksonville Florida Pediatrician