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Florida Engineer

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ET May 16, 2018 A farm out of southeastern Indiana is recalling more than 200 million eggs that have been distributed to consumers in nine states because of possible salmonella contamination. USA TODAY Federal health authorities say the number of illnesses linked a multi-state outbreak of salmonella from tainted eggs produced at a North Carolina farm has increased to 35. Two of the cases were in Florida. Indiana-based Rose Acre Farms, which operates the farm, recalled more than 206.7 million of its eggs last month. The eggs were sold to a number of restaurants and grocery chains, such as Publix and Walmart. Publix spokesman Brian West said the recall came too late for stores to pull the eggs from shelves. “By the time the recall was issued, they were largely gone,” he said. The chain offered refunds to any customers who had purchased them. “Very few” took the store up on its offer, West said. More: Egg recall: What you need to know about salmonella Walmart said that it has removed all recalled eggs from its stores. “As soon as we were notified by Rose Acre Farms of the recall of eggs, we immediately began the process of alerting our stores to remove the affected product from our store shelves and inventory,” said Walmart spokeswoman Molly Blakeman. “We also instituted a register block to prevent the sale of these specific items.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the eggs were sold in nine states under a variety of brand names, including Coburn Farms, Country Daybreak, Crystal Farms, Food Lion, Glenview, Great Value, Nelms, and Sunshine Farms. The sickened ranged in age from 1 to 90, according to the CDC.

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Florida Engineer

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